Completely customized for your unique needs

One-on-one Pilates in Las Vegas

Embrace a Pilates practice uniquely tailored for you. My one-on-one sessions are designed to directly address and combat your specific needs and discomforts, transforming your body awareness, flexibility, and core strength.

Using the Classical Pilates method, I'll guide you through targeted exercises that translate to improved daily living.

Experience the transformative power of Pilates in Las Vegas, customized for your unique body and lifestyle.

I'm Kristie, your personal guide to better alignment and enhanced wellbeing.


Working with Kristie has been life changing for me!

I've learned so much about which muscles I overuse and which ones I underuse while we work on strengthening muscle groups and building muscle memory. My body has also been reshaping itself, I'm getting firmer and stronger and feel much more confident in my body.

I definitely recommend working with Kristie if you want to understand and improve your relationship with your body and become a more poised and confident person.

Sadiya Akasha

I started with Kristie 3 months ago with no prior experience in Pilates,
and I am so glad that I chose this place!

Kristie is very good at spotting what your body needs at the moment and combining it with the feedback you provide on each bit of an exercise to have experiences tailored just for you.
For me, each class is a fun adventure where I get to explore my body, get stronger and feel healthier. I like Kristie’s balanced approach, words of encouragement, and good conversation every time we meet.

Even after 3 months I already see the results and can’t wait for my next class. I highly recommend Kristie!

Alena Lashkova

Kristie was my first introduction to pilates and I am so grateful for that!

Her space is cozy and the location is safe/easy to get to. She is, of course, really knowledgable about Pilates, but also has great intuition for what you need to work on in each session.

I was never an athletic person, but thanks to her I've found something that works for me and helps me build strength. I started seeing her shortly after my third child was born and it's been wonderful for my postpartum recovery, both physically and mentally!

As a bonus, she is wonderful to talk to. Like a friend you've known for years!

Sarah Alshaikh

-Joseph Pilates

In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 you'll see the difference, and in 30 you'll have a new body.


I've gone through rigorous training at one of the world's top Pilates training programs, preparing me to guide clients of all body types and fitness levels.

You can trust that I'll provide precise instructions, modifications, and support to ensure your safe and effective practice of each exercise.

My goal is to make Pilates more than just a workout for you—it's a lifestyle change.

The awareness and control you develop in our sessions will translate into your daily life, enhancing your posture, movement, and overall wellbeing. You'll feel lighter, move with ease, and even breathe more deeply.


Benefit from Expert Instruction

Experience Positive Changes Beyond the Studio

I'll tailor each session to focus on your specific areas of discomfort or imbalance.

Drawing from my personal experience and understanding of chronic pain, I'll guide you through exercises designed to alleviate pain, improve your mobility, and enhance your quality of life with private Pilates in Las Vegas.


Experience Pain Relief and Improved Alignment

In the private, comfortable setting of my Las Vegas Pilates studio, you'll receive my undivided attention during each session.

Your unique needs and goals are the focus, allowing you to progress at your own pace, free from the distractions and limitations of group classes.

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Personalized Sessions

Feel Taller, Lighter, and More Balanced with Private Pilates in Las Vegas

let's work together

Throughout your Pilates journey, you'll see transformative results—enhanced strength, flexibility, body awareness, and pain relief. Your goal of a healthier, comfortable life is within reach!

3. Experience Transformation

After we connect, I'll craft a Pilates program specifically for you, focused on your body, strengths, and development areas. In private, one-on-one sessions, we'll explore each movement and technique together.

2. Personalized Pilates Journey

Text me directly at 702-575-2793 or use the contact form to begin our communication. You can share with me your wellness goals, any pain points or concerns, and your availability.

1. Reach Out and Connect

Your Personalized Pilates Journey

Say goodbye to chronic aches and pains, and experience the joy of moving with ease, strength, and poise.

Imagine a life where you feel in control of your body, where each movement is a celebration of your strength and flexibility. That's the power of Pilates, and it's within your reach.

Start your transformation now. Text me at 702-575-2793 or use the contact form to experience how private Pilates in Las Vegas can redefine your relationship with your body and your health.

With Pilates in Las Vegas, you will not only find relief from chronic pains, but also discover physical vitality you didn't know was possible.

Begin your journey to a stronger, more aligned you today.

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